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Written by admin on August 10th, 2011

Plagiarism has been condemned lately by all types of experts, including scholars, university board members and even commercial parties, such as TurnItIn, which sells plagiarism detection software righteously claiming that plagiarism should be combated through the most efficient and up to date tools.

Well, if such company ever reaches its ultimate goal of eliminating plagiarism, it will go out of business, since there will be no more need for plagiarism detection.

Meanwhile, we see that everyone discussing plagiarism has certain motivation and interest to defend one point or another. Students, however, don’t seem to have an interest to speak on this subject at all, or worse – they have never been asked.

I neither belong to the camp that combats plagiarism, nor to the one that defends or partially justifies it. I simply want to make the voice of college students heard with no hidden reason behind it.

My friends and I were very close and we could trust each other any secret with no doubt. So, I knew they cheated on the exams occasionally and hired someone to write their term papers. However, their integrity has never been challenged in my eyes by this knowledge. I knew them well enough to tell that they had their own reasons. Were they valid enough? I can’t judge that objectively, because they were my friends and I was on their side. But one thing I can tell for sure – these reasons must be heard before blaming anyone a degraded cheater.

Many examples of how the perception of plagiarism as a disastrous crime can be challenged if viewed from different perspective. I don’t think that plagiarism is the best solution for students and I do not defend its practice, however I do believe that the roots of plagiarism should not be looked in the nature of modern students, but instead – in the nature of modern education system, which values grades higher than knowledge and is designed to respond to the national standards rather than student needs.

Thus, plagiarism detection software may help to combat plagiarism in a short-term run, however, unless we re-evaluate and improve the existing system of education, the root of plagiarism will not be extirpated for a long-time benefit.

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