Should You Quit School?

Written by admin on August 20th, 2011

Are you finding yourself in an institution for higher learning and thinking to yourself that maybe this is not right for you? Do you feel that you are doing busy work and not learning anything? If so you may not be alone in fact everyone in college goes thru this phase. For instance a very bright college student made this statement this week:

I can’t tell you how many classes I’ve taken that seemed so remedial but necessary and/or mandatory to take just to get that stupid piece of paper that I have to pay for that proves I’m “smart.”

Indeed I had to leave school for this reason myself. Was that the right choice? I couldn’t figure out a good reason to stay, when I could be running my business, which is what I really loved to do. For me personally well I had another calling. I felt as if the subject matter and the way it was taught worked really work hard to get me to categorize all your thoughts and limit my areas of thought. I can’t do that really, my mind just doesn?t work that way, perhaps it works a little different. I felt like this college student and felt at the time that they were polluting it with just incessant BS? But I am not suggesting you quit, because it maybe worth sticking out for you, I had different circumstances really. The very intelligent college student went on to ask;

Do you know how many other people have that piece of paper who are NOT smart, including some professors?

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