Scholarships For Working Moms – Get a Scholarship for a better Future

Written by admin on December 15th, 2010

Working moms have so much on their plates, raising kids, household chores, going to that job every day and then the added burden of paying the bills. Often times that job just isn’t paying enough to make it all worthwhile! It can be a frustrating vicious circle. You have to work to pay the bills, but you don’t make enough to get ahead. The way to end that vicious circle is continuing your education! Scholarships For Working Moms may be your key to getting ahead!

There are numerous scholarships available that can eliminate the financial burden of getting a degree. As a working mom, money is tight and that may be the only thing stopping you! Here are a few ways to find a scholarship to pay for your education:

1. Foundations and colleges offer scholarships for working moms

2. Local businesses may have scholarships available if you want to study in their industry

3. General Scholarships, similar to lotteries, you register and win!

4. Government Grants (the Pell Grant has recently been increased to assist more low income moms)

If you previously had exceptional grades in other classes or even high school you could also qualify for Merit Scholarships!

You can apply for as many scholarships as you want and can usually use more than one at the same time! I highly suggest you do this, as it will greatly increase the amount of money you have to pay for school! Some scholarships even allow you to use a portion of the money to assist with family expenses!

With the advancement of technology you can even choose to earn your degree online. You can sit in your living room and attend classes! This eliminates the time you would have spent commuting to class and allows you to attend on your schedule!

For working moms time is very valuable! You may choose to attend class early in the morning before the family gets moving, or perhaps at night when the kids are in bed. The choice is yours. scholarships for working moms will cover online education as well! It just can’t get any easier to get your education!

Statistics have proven time and time again that moms without a formal education are much more likely to live below the poverty level. In this day and age, getting a good paying career is almost impossible without some sort of degree or at a minimum a certification Click here to get a scholarship today..


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