Online Education, The Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by admin on December 21st, 2010

There has been a huge increase in online schools and colleges across the United Kingdom, North America and the United States in the past couple of years, which shows that there is an increasing popularity of online education and learning. However, jumping into online education without doing the groundwork can be dangerous, as educational needs of students do vary quite a lot depending on their levels of intelligence and social and economic status. Therefore, the student’s parents and tutors must ensure that the students weigh all the pros and cons of an online education and prompt them to decide the best course of action. The aim of this article is to educate the student’s on some of the more major advantages and disadvantages of an online education.

The Advantages of an Online Education

Accessibility: The Distance from a university campus is no longer a barrier in the education of students. Today’s generation have the advantage of utilizing time effectively, since there are numerous choices in distant online education for them. For the student to access online education, all he or she needs is a personal computer with internet access with which he or she can find the desired courses online and enrol. The online education systems ensure that the student’s put all their energies into studies.

A Flexible schedule: The good thing about an online education is its effective use of time. As a student of online education, you have the ability to maintain a flexible schedule, which is of particular help when you are working simultaneously.

Student-Centred Learning: As a student of online learning, it is you who dictates your learning experience. As your tutor will not be teaching you all of the time, you can prioritize your schedule and complete any and all assignments accordingly. You will also be given the choice of which learning methodology you wish to use, such as audio, visual, or oral components.

Fair Playing Field: Online education is in vogue also as it provides a level playing field for all the students. Learning online provides a situation where decision-making is not based on the candidates’ gender, ethnicity, physical appearance, or race. Instead, the evaluation is only based on your performance. The provision of this fair-playing field has significantly contributed to the popularity of online education. read more about information education school click here now


Employment: Not many industries will acknowledge an online professional degree.

Oral Communication: Since, the majority of online learning systems encourage communication through e-mails and text chatting only, the student’s may be deprived of the ability to improve their oral communication skills.

Fraud: A large number of online courses are not accredited and hence are not valid.

Courses: Not all of the courses which are available elsewhere are available online.

Moreover, online learning requires a complete dedication and patience from the students to ensure they achieve superb results. It is most advisable that the students first, patiently and persistently familiarize themselves with online learning technology. Additionally, they need to always keep themselves abreast of the latest updates within the online education system, since there will be no instructor to turn to in this respect.

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