Best Ideas to Forget Your Ex

Written by admin on December 17th, 2010

Getting into a relationship is very easy and what follows such a relationship is really worth remembering all life. But then all good memories and happy moments we cherish and relive them whenever we want but what happens when the relationship breaks? How to forget an ex? Suddenly you are under pressure to forget each and every memory revolving around the relationship which came to an end for good. As long as you have a normally functioning brain forgetting something that had made a deep imprint in your heart and soul is not possible.

Any experience which gives you pleasure or left an impression in your mind stays as a memory and you can recall them as and when you need to relive those moments. So drop the basic idea that you can forget your ex so easily. Next think of how to change your attitude regarding your ex as that will help you accept and shift your thoughts to more fruitful and positive living. But if you are lost or cannot think of anything positive when you are hurt to the core we are glad to offer some valuable tips and ideas to help you through hard times.

First bring about a conviction in your mind that you cannot forget your ex as much as you cannot forget the happy moments you shared together. Secondly analyze why you want to forget your ex. You might find 101 reasons like getting back your peace of mind or getting rid of the frustration or depression etc. identifying the goal which you wish to achieve on forgetting your ex will give you a focus of what you want to achieve. You can work on attaining this goal through other means which will give you a total satisfaction and relive you from remorse.

Try shifting your focus from the past events and start thinking of beautiful things like a clear blue sky or a wide ocean etc. this will change the way you feel as thoughts affect our feelings. When you shift the thoughts to more positive things you will start feeling very positive in life and this is a magic wand which can transform your whole life.

Even scientifically your brain will release chemicals whenever you think and so the way you think will directly be responsible for the type of chemical released in your brain which directly affects the way you think and act. Come to accept that your relationship is over and don?t ever brood or feel gloomy of something which is past history. Look forward and start reliving your life once again free from any bonding or emotional hang-ups. How to forget your ex thus depends on the right attitude you take and the positive thoughts you possess. Decide to have an independent trouble free peaceful life now and see the change blooming around you to make you feel the way you want.

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