5 Valid Reasons to Forget Your Ex

Written by admin on December 15th, 2010

Relationship breakups are very hard to cope up with and it takes a lot of time and pain to forget your ex. The more you want to forget the more you are reminded of your ex. It is good to reason out as to why you should forget your ex before pondering on how to forget.

(1) Mental Health

You will definitely loose your mental poise as constant thoughts about your ex keep haunting you. Mental peace is very important in a mans life and someone who looses it will be distracted and will not be able to concentrate on any other activities. thus forget your ex to get back your mental balance.

(2) Productivity

Thoughts of your ex are like a computer virus. It will not allow you to perform your normal functions and disrupt your whole personal, social and business well being. Your creativity and productivity will suffer and will be stranded in life unable to work, sleep or even smile.

(3) Bad Motivation Strategy

Constant thoughts about your ex is a bad motivation strategy as these thoughts only increase the negativity and stops all positive thoughts and actions in one???s life. Moving forward and away from the past is the best motivation which will benefit you and your purpose in life. Think ahead of a much more fruitful relationship rather than brooding on the past breakup

(4) To Be Happy

Serotonin a chemical is secreted every time you lodge good thoughts in your mind. Remembering the best moments in life and always finding ways to keep oneself happy can be highly beneficial to the overall health. After all we all strive and work hard to make ourselves and our family happy.

(5) To Avoid Depressing and Frustrating Thoughts

Depression and frustration can prove to be very dangerous over a period of time. When you constantly think about your ex you feel more depressed and frustrated thinking about what happened. Depression can take a toll on one???s physical condition too if not treated in time. Many physical ailments find their roots in psychological factors in a man???s life. Suicidal tendency might also arise and many might even want to go back home without much treatment. 

When you constantly think about your ex you shun all others who are interested to share their lives with you. It reduces the opportunity to meet new people and finding new and better love. Brooding over spoilt milk will never get you anywhere in life. Stop worrying start thinking positively and don???t ever compromise on your self esteem. Forget your ex is what you’ll need now. But try to reason out the advantages on loosing this relationship. Think ahead and always stay positive.

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