3 Tips on How to Forget Your Ex

Written by admin on December 18th, 2010


Broken heart, depression, bitterness, painful longing; does this sound like you after your break up with your partner? The same feelings have been experienced by millions and billions of people all over the world and with such a large portion of people having the same experience why does it always seem so hard, why have we not understood the ways of the heart yet. In short why do we hurt so much and not learn how to forget your ex and get on with your life?

Some may say it is simply the way of love, other might say that it is a weakness of will and others may say it a necessary part of grieving over a failed relationship and perhaps all of them are right but none of these views help forget your ex so here are a few tips to help you move on and become a healthier, happier person.

1. Do Not Demonize Your Ex
One thing that we are all tempted to do is to cast your ex in a bad light, to train yourself to hate them rather than want them back in a reactive exercise to crush any longing and pain by making them seem less desirable and unneeded. While you may envision yourself free of their influence because they will become detestable to you this creates more problems than it is worth and your new demonized feelings will be all mixed up with love making a tangle of emotions that can overwhelm, confuse and hurt you and any other relationships you may get involved with.

2. Reevaluate Yourself
One issue with breakup is that of self worth. It does not matter who’s fault it was or who left who in the end we all tend to see the relationship as a failure and in turn see ourself as a failure. Many men and women hung up on their ex partners tend to either wallow in self pity or self loathing and exaggerate everything in their emotional anguish making it impossible to forget your ex because you cannot sort out your own feelings for yourself. A Journey of self discover is often what sets many people free but how this is done is so varied and dependent on the person I cannot advice anything except that concentrating on your own feelings for yourself must happen before you start trying to work out how to forget your ex, in fact this process will help forgetting them immensely!

3. Do Not Be Irrational
We all do it at some point, we get very drunk or go out and spend more than we can afford on clothes or food or anything else we enjoy to cover our problems. This can also manifest itself in terrible outings either trying desperately to get our ex back or to try to make them jealous. In the end they are irrational actions brought about by a need to take action of some sort. Simply put … don’t do it! They may seem like a good idea or clever at the time but they are a symptom of a heart in turmoil trying to work out how to forget your ex.


These are helpful hints to guide you back to a more healthy state of mind but if you want to know powerful psychological methods that can make you forget your ex in 24 hours then click below.


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