Why People Need Business Degrees Again

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

The worlds of the MBA and investment banking haven’t suddenly gone out the window, but they have unequivocally been reduced by the global financial crisis. Not anymore are they the only choices for the best of the best. People are commencing to thinking about classic online business degrees once again.

In these last few years, if you desired to earn money for yourself, you didn’t simply go into ‘business’. You moved to New York or London. You became a day trader. You made deals with obscure percentages that had no relation to the actual market, because they’d been “worked over” so many times that they were basically impossible to understand.

Let’s Go Back to Basics, Shall We?

But now, is that the ideal way, still the direction that the enthusiastic young worker wants to take? Maybe not. In fact, we’re going to observe a huge climb in business degree interest–small-to-medium sized business, for example. So this is the best time to get in on the ground floor.

Our best thinkers, the very people who would historically–if investment banking hadn’t shown up–go on to begin successful businesses after school, they’ve all just ended varying investment-oriented degrees that are going to have to be re-fitted in a world finance market that has no space for them.

Why You Should Probably Get Moving, You Know, Right Now

Fundamentally, there has never been a more opportunity-filled period to be getting a business degree. There have been better times, obviously, but if you take a look at the great depression, many of the world’s most strong, durable organizations leaped out of the uncertainty of that decade.

So: if you’ve been thinking about a business degree, don’t sit around until everyone is exploding with optimism and the market is once again overburdened with energetic businesspeople. Job losses have been very high for months. Absolute swaths of people, very intelligent people, lack jobs. You can have access to a better workforce than ever before.

How You Can Kick-Start the Recovery

When the recovery hits in full force, it’s going to depend mainly on the ingenuity of real entrepreneurs doing actual business, not just obscure calculations designed to bring in huge bags of money.

And there you go: you’re already checking out the feasibility of a business degree. Search around. There’s never been a better chance. The market isn’t going to stay in a recession forever, and when it eventually jumps back up, you want to be there to take advantage of the benefits of your business. Find a degree, start studying, and make your living!

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