Total Productive Maintenance: A very important massages from Operator

Written by admin on November 24th, 2010

In a plant we will found important information that normally we calling their wining. Listening to our people from down below is very important in Total Productive Maintenance to help it run effectively.

Below are the list of that normally we heard from operator when they cannot achieved targeted volume and good quality product.?

Too many job load, although it succeed in the early stage but as the time passed by it become meaningless. Imbalance job load, he think he is doing more job, Machine suddenly breakdown and cause downtime to everyday operation, Difficult to make early day job preparation, job is different among operator, When machine is always trouble, a lot of inspection need to be performed and take a lot of time everyday, Lack of confident from the instruction from superior, afraid that the problem will happen again. Nasty environment such as oil on the floor and easily become dirty. Tool not properly arrange and takes time to search. A lot of cleaning needs to be done after end of work. Forgotten to do a correct job ? no operation procedure. Noisy, too hot or too cold and smelly environment that is unacceptable cause low spirit to perform job at their best.??


Therefore in order to reduce such problem from your operator, works need to be done to bring this operator to achieve your company target. There are three main tasks:

Ensure the machines operate at high efficiency and reliable from maintenance operator or production operator. Provide a good and healthy environment so the operator becomes comfortable and confident. Lastly ensure that the entire task given to operator can be performed without any interruption.?

Total Productive Maintenance shall provide you a method and vision to the main three main tasks as mention above. Total Productive Maintenance has created a lot of development and improvement as a foundation to others manufacturing systems.

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