The Best Birthday Thanks To The Best Home Maintenance and Repairs In NorthWest Arkansas

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Recently I was looking for a dependable company in Northwest Arkansas to hire for a home remodeling project that my wife wanted for her birthday.

I passed the thought around to the guys at work. One name was spoke very highly of and mentioned more than once. The cool part is that me and the Handy Man that everyone spoke of had met before. I had misplace his card and now I found out that he had a website.

I browsed his website at and was shocked that his website offered more than just pictures and contact information.

On his site he even features a mortgage refinancing calculator, mortgage refinance with cash back calculator, home equity loan calulator, and even a tool labeled “How much mortagae loan can you afford calculator.

I was just considering a kitchen remodeling job and now I had tools that allowed me to research deeper and maybe pay for a new addition. Now wouldn’t that thrill my wife on her birthday.

A home remodel job can cost a lot of money and time. I knew I could probably do it myself while she was out of town seeing her mother, but I wanted to make sure it would be done just in time and without any costly “Opps” that mat occur once I started tearing out the old kitchen.

So what did I do? Well I contacted the number on Josh’s website and set up a time to meet him and talk about my project.

Now when I thought about the job, I pondered all the work involved. When Josh looked at the job, I could tell he was imagining, “Is This It?”

His professional attitude and comical side made him easy to talk too and I was glad I gave him a call. His estimate was right in the range I wanted to pay without needing to refinance. This made the birthday shocker even better because it even fit the spending plan.

I am so grateful that I contacted NWA Home Maintenace and Repair. Other services that I had called where way too overpriced for my price range and Josh even worked with me to get a few extras that I didn’t even think about.

Happy Birthday To Her And Me!

You should have seen my wife’s smile when she walked in the house from visiting her mom and I said “What happened to the kitchen?” with a cute look on my face. The new floor was installed and the walls made it look like we were in a totally different house.

Thank you Josh and your crew at NWA Home Maintenance And Repair for helping me with this fast and affordable birthday gift. I am her number one man again!

To contact NWA Home Maintenance And Repair?visit their site at

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