Telecom Job Descriptions

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

When we talk about the telecom sector there are many jobs and these involve services that aid in the making of a video and the internet and voice communications.? In the beginning the telecom circle dealt only with wired or land line communications but with the advancement of the technology there are many other specialized services also.? There are many jobs in this sector.? There is about 49% of work of the total jobs available in this sector.? The work in this field can be divided as working in the maintenance and repair section, or the installation section or the customer service and support or the telecommunication engineers.

The telecom job descriptions depend on the above mentioned sections.? When it comes to the maintenance and repair section the job is restricted to the access of the cable lines and the workers here have to ensure that these lines are functioning properly in the system.

The installation forms the major component of the telecom circle.? The job descriptions of the installers may involve rearranging dialing and switching equipment.? Their job might also involve the repairing and maintenance of the cables and equipments.

When it comes to the customer service and support, it plays a major role in any sector.? The employees in this section are responsible for the management of the queries from the customer and assist them in any emergency if occurred.? The complaints that are raised by the customers have to noted and passed on to the respective divisions also.

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