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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Pre-enrollees considering an online degree often wonder where to turn to for more information about the schools and degree programs they’re considering. Finding answers to these kinds of questions is easy. The nation’s top-ranked online universities all offer prospective students and full-time enrollees easy online access to counselors and student portals that make finding pre-enrollment degree and course info a virtual cinch.

The University of Phoenix Online, the nation’s largest online university and the home to one of the country’s most popular MBA programs, is an excellent example of how best to answer a wide range of student and pre-enrollment questions. Students considering the University’s MBA program can have all of their pre-enrollment questions answered by requesting more information on the program via a form located on the UOP website.

After it receives a request for additional info, UOP takes action by having a qualified counselor of the University’s educational counseling staff call the prospective enrollee. During the course of the conversation, counselor and student explore the student’s educational objectives, a process that includes a review of any transfer credits the prospective enrollee may bring to the UOP program. This helps the counseling staff plan the course of study a student must follow in order to complete his MBA degree at UOP.

The role taken by counselors in helping students to complete their degrees at UOP continues well after the pre-enrollment phase. University counselors are also well versed in guiding new students through the online enrollment phase, including the process of requesting transcripts and completing applications for scholarships and financial aid. Approximately 59% of students enrolled at UOP, particularly those who work full-time or part-time while pursuing their degree, receive financial assistance towards that degree from their employer.

While UOP makes counselors available to students at any point during their academic careers, enrollees also enjoy the benefits of the University’s online student portal, where each student is given their own pin-protected gateway to UOP’s online campus. The gateway has links to a wide range of resources that provide information about specific degree programs, degree requirements, class schedules, the University bookstore, as well as resources that allow students to track their tuition payments and grades and even view online evaluations of their coursework by their instructors. Another high priority link whisks students to a student success center, where advice is available on subjects ranging from career planning to tutoring.

Institutions of higher learning like the University of Phoenix Online have made it as easy as possible for prospective students and actual enrollees to find information about their career choice and online degree program. Make good use of these opportunities to smooth your path to that coveted online degree.

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