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Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Psychology is a field of study that is gaining much popularity in almost every part of the world. There are an increasing number of online schools and institutes in India and abroad, which offer Psychology Degree Online. Online degrees in psychology are available at the graduate as well as undergraduate level. Various online schools also offer online doctorate degrees in psychology. To become a licensed counselor or a school psychologist the minimum qualification required is a master???s degree in psychology. A Psychology Degree Online allows you to do a full-time job while earning a degree in your spare time. About online degrees in psychology Online Degree in Psychology provides students with a plethora of knowledge on the different branches of psychology. There are many specialized areas in psychology such as child psychology, criminal psychology, clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology and more. The different online degree focuses on specialized areas of psychology. For example an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology degree focuses on theories of personality, positive psychology, human sexuality, psychological disorders, social interactions and the physiological and neurological basis of human behavior. Likewise MS in Psychology program focuses on the general instead of clinical psychological study of individuals, including their thought processes, behaviors and emotions. Scope on Online Psychology Degrees There is an increasing demand for psychologist in almost every sector whether it is corporate, educational or social sector. Getting an online psychology degree offers plenty of employment scope. Depending upon aptitude and interest you can specialize in the various fields of psychology. A person with an online psychology degree can find great employment opportunities in a number of sectors. These include Colleges and Universities; Government and Public-Sector Organizations and Market Research Firms. Some of the Institutes offering Online Psychology Degrees
There are several Institutes abroad that offer Psychology Degree Online. Some of the schools and universities offering online psychology degrees include: Walden University – School of Psychology- Baltimore, MD,US Capella University – Minneapolis, Minnesota, US American InterContinental University Online-Illinois, US California University of Pennsylvania – California, PA These universities offer various online psychology degrees like MS in Mental Health Counseling, MS in Psychology, MS in Human Services, PhD in Psychology, PhD in Human Service and more.

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