Online Language Training by Native Teachers is Most Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

The Online Language Training in a virtual classroom environment is for corporate, educational institutions and individuals (children and adults). The virtual classroom creates real time interaction with an instructor while providing audio and video streaming. Sessions also get recorded for self-paced learning. Live Virtual Training is easy, fast, and fully interactive. You can attend a Live Virtual class from any location that provides high speed internet access.

To attend Live Class one need is a computer with following configuration:

CPU: 433 MHz Celeron processor or better

RAM: 256 MB or more

Hard Drive: 20MB free space

Operating System: Windows 2000 and XP 32-bit operating systems

And one must have is a high speed internet connection, earphone, sound adapter, microphone and web cam.

When we have a technology, and when internet is in reach of every individual, then learning anything has become easy. Students are able to participate in real-time via hand-raising, chat, feedback, and Q&A technologies that allow them to gain the maximum benefit from each virtual classroom session. Integratedlanguages Live class platform allows one to record an entire virtual classroom session, including audio and real-time screen interaction.

With the advances in internet technologies, online language lesson is becoming very popular alternative to the traditional classroom based or one-to-one language teaching. Due to student-teacher face to face interaction, traditional form of language tuition has long been considered to be the best way to learn a language. Now advances in technology, are offering modern alternatives to learn without the need of physical closeness. E-learning is the process of learning online. This means all interaction takes places on the internet without the need for physical presence.

Online Language Class allows learner to take lessons when they want and where they want. Learner chooses their own flexible time. Online languages class allows parents to keep their children under the supervision and in the security of home to take language lesson. In safe, comfortable surroundings allows the learner to concentrate fully to their language lessons. Learner enjoys the comfort at home.

Incase any live class is missed, one can easily access all the matter taught on that day. Learner gets individual attention with live class.

Online language class is making learning easy and it is gaining high popularity because language class is available for everyone and anywhere in any part of world. Analysis show that online language tuition could prove to be of great benefit to learners and teachers.

With online language training also learner looks for quality in training, best faculty better resource and fast response of the queries and doubts. Integratedlanguage solution provides all the needs of learner. Integratedlanguages, live virtual classrooms support audio, video, application sharing, and content display also holds live, online classes, guest lectures, webcasts, and meetings. Student enjoy the best elements of face-to-face and online instruction as faculty and students can talk to each other, express emotion, and feel as if they’re part of a single community.


Online languages class is most innovative, easy and effective way of learning foreign languages. It is as beneficial as taking classes in any institute.

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