Need a Business Degree to be Financially Successful?

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Do you belive you need a Business Degree to be financially successful?? There’s a divided opinion on this point.? Many universities and colleges would naturally say a degree is an essential starting point, but consider how many entrepreneurs have started up at the tender age of 16 with no higher education, and still become ultimately successful in the financial world.

So what do you think?? WikiAnswers states the following:

‘You do not need a business degree, or for the matter any degree. It depends on your overall career goals and objectives. Some career options require a degree, some require a certification, while others require experience, and some require nothing but a will to do a particular job. So, it depends on what you want out of a degree.’

Experience is really the most important thing
But this really depends on which type of business you intend to go into.? If it’s the small business run from your spare room, then no you wouldn’t need a business degree.? All you’d really need is a common sense approach and the basic knowledge of bookkeeping to get your business going.

A rather different question
Is education needed to become an entrepreneur? Of course that all depends on the individual.? There have been many examples of when those that have zero educational business background, are still able to make it big in the business world.? Some say it’s a gift. ?

However if you get the chance, and can afford to study for a business degree, then it would be a lost opportunity to pass this by.? Perhaps you can attend a local college or university especially for a business degree. ?

Which degree to study for?
There are many different business degrees to choose from, for instance business administration, economics, commerce, to name a few.? Be sure to decide on a course that will fit your requirements, and one that will be valuable to your future career.

But the important consideration is to take this matter seriously enough to understand its long-term benefits.

This is not meant to discourage those that cannot afford to obtain a business degree in college or university.? You can always use the resources found on the Internet and teach yourself everything you can about being an entrepreneur.

You need the right characteristics
Apart from the educational aspect, you also need the right characteristics to become a successful businessman or woman.? You need motivation, management leadership, drive, organizational skills, innovativeness, and a strategy of pulling everything together, with a few dozen other similar qualities to become a success.? It does appear however that having had the right education provides the would-be businessperson with a greater advantage.

Some well-known business people haven’t had the ‘proper’ education, but have still become extremely successful in their chosen field.? Think how many times you may have heard on the TV News about someone who has ‘started from scratch’ and still ended up with a very successful and profitable business. ?

Then there are those who are massively successful in businesses such as Internet Marketing.? It’s common knowledge that some of those gurus started from very scant beginnings, with little or no education to fall back on.

Therefore there does seem to be more required than ‘just’ education to make a successful entrepreneur. ?

So back to the question:
Do you need a business degree to become financially successful?? This can really only be answered by you.? If you are fortunate enough to be able to go to university or college and get your degree, well good for you.? For others however, I believe the University of Life also has a lot to offer.

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