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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Education the basic requirement of todays world.In this era of competition education is the basic tool to fight up with it.Many high-income countries, having attained high levels of literacy, no longer collect basic literacy statistics and thus are not included in the UIS data. According to human development index literacy rate rate of 99.0% is assumed for high-income countries that does not report adult letracy rate.Even today in many parts of India femal education is banned and they are often used as workers so that they can earn for there survival.But it was the english language and the reformation movement which has lead to the liberation effect on pre-indepentend India.In early times education was not as important as it was today,people use to get themselves involve in farming and simpler jobs to earn but in modern world a person is incomplete without education and more over they have to be educated so that they can struggle and survive.

Here are many colleges and university in delhi which are providing the facility of distance education in india so that student who can not travel on long distance can have education facility near to there residence.Distance learning have both advantages and disadvantages nad they are mentioned as below:-
As the study pattren in regural college goes the opposite with distance education system.the corse is equal but the way of teaching is diffrent.In distance education students can have less interaction with teachers where as in regular college they are in touch.
In distance education one can engage themselves into other activities like some job or another course programme as they have enough time for it.people is distnace education have lots of option with them because they don’t have to attend there college on regular bases so they can opt for othere course programme if they wish to.Moreover there are more than 54 distance learning institutes in India

The another more attractive and simplest option is online degree programme which has attracted many students from various acadmic interest.Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Fine Arts, Business, Social Science, Media Studies and various vocational courses complete the orbit of online degrees. This is one of the best option adopted by the students which are going for distance learning programme.Online degrees have equal importance as with regular and once you have completed? your degree course from? agood college there is no looking back in furture and you can move on with your dreams.

There are wide range of colleges and universities provided in india for those who are opting for MBA.
MBA course curriculum in India can be categorized into the following 4 segments:
1.Full-time MBA
2.Part-time MBA
3.Distance Learning MBA
4.Executive MBA
5.Online MBA
to get addmission in MBA programme managment schools and university have there entrance exam which should be cleard by the candidates who have opt for the course.Different colleges have there different cut offs for the admissions on the basis of which students are been selected. India have many such colleges and managment schools where one can sharp up there skills and have a good knowlege realted to the programme they want to go with.

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