Making Money Through Online Jobs

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Online jobs allow u to have jobs on the internet such as data entry, coding, transcription, copy writing etc. You will be paid upon job completion. Bear in mind that you should never pay for online jobs. It may be a scam. Why choose to pay as they are numbers of free opportunities available? Therefore, do not invest your money but time instead.

Data entry jobs consist various type of work, for example typing, data collecting, online form filling etc. Any person who is a computer literate and has fast internet connection is suitable to do this work.

Copy writing includes writing articles, stories, contents for websites etc. Basic requirements for this job are to write without any spelling mistake and free from grammatical errors.? This is a one of the popular make money online jobs.

Captcha is a test normally used in websites during account registration. This is to ensure that those who are registering are not generated by computers. Captcha entry is where you need to key in the words or letters shown in a picture. You will be given a short duration, about 10 to 30 seconds to key in the word. This job is not a high paying job and requires good eyesight as well as patience. Putting these matter aside, captcha entry is still a making money online jobs.

Transcriptionists are those who edit and transcribe recorded reports onto their computer. For example, a doctor?s recorded reports will be converted by medical transcriptionist into a typed report. Therefore it is crucial for the medical transcriptionist to know the medical terms. Most companies would hire transcriptionists with past experience or graduated with a cert in this field so that they do not have to send them for training. Good command of English is a must, with fast typing skill and knows the terminology for the transcription that he or she is doing.

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