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Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Dallas, being the third largest city of Texas, is home to hundreds of Dallas design schools, whether colleges, universities, and technical and vocational schools. You can live and think in Dallas as it also houses sports teams, theme parks, historic sites and cultural attractions.

One school that stands out for its excellent training in arts and design is the Art Institute of Dallas. At the Art Institute of Dallas, you are assured of a launching pad for your professional and personal creative innovation.

You can be trained to start a career in Fashion Design at this institute, where creative people meet and take your ideas to a different level. The goal of this institute is to hone and refine talent so that by the time you graduate, you are better equipped to reach your goals.

A Dallas design school focuses on the artistic aspect of a course. At Art Institute of Dallas, you can grow to be the best that you can be in your chosen craft such as fashion design, advertising design, graphic design, and interior design.

The Art Institute also offers web design and Interactive Media, Fashion and Retail Management and kitchen and bath design. If you could recognize the significance of arts in other industry, then you may also consider it as part of designing courses such as Video Production and Digital Filmmaking.

Most of these arts and design courses are available on evening and weekend classes through online and on-ground format. Another Dallas design school that offers equal excellence in art and design academe is the Westwood College.

Located in the heart of Dallas city, the campus for Westwood College is situated within few minutes of the professional sporting events, historic arts district, trendy shopping and endless entertainment.

Because it recognizes the importance of amenities as part of training its students, the campus houses art district for theater, music, dance, museums and sculpture. It also has 20,000 acres of park space and lake.


Among its design courses are Graphic Design and Multimedia, Visual Communications, and Computer-aided Design or Architectural Drafting. The laboratories of Westwood College contain the latest technology. Its libraries have occupation-related reference materials, and internet and computer-based resources.

Wade College is another optimal Dallas design school providing optimal education to its students in Dallas, Texas. It has the highest rating for training students in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design courses.

The facilities for Fashion Design course include multi-thread sergers and single-stitch sewing machines, steam irons, industry-standard pattern drafting tables, and a variety of standard and custom-made dress forms.

The Graphic laboratories are equipped with work stations with color laser printers and scanners, online access to fashion resources, and software like the Illustrator and Photoshop.

Its purpose is to integrate the latest computer software with applied knowledge in garment construction. Being among the top Dallas design schools, Wade College prepares students for several platforms of career in fashion design.

The concentration in Interior Design in a Dallas design school should be the computer and the external elements. At Wade College, the students focus on conceptualization, development and presentation of designs.

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