Infants Online Education Market Is “blue Ocean Trend”

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

February 19 morning news, infants and young children online Education Blue Ocean market is the trend. According to shake the Nets introduced, Chinese New Year just getting on-line educational products in its core “growth step” in achieving online sales growth of 2 times the momentum of rapid development, until now has 600,000 users. International institutions

2008 IDC survey data show that growth in online education market was more than twice the online education market will reach U.S. 13.5 billion, while global online education market will reach 21 billion U.S. dollars. Education and training sector are also to highlight the economic benefits of capital chasing a target.

Baby boom era of online education lead to infant

China from around 2005 ushered in a new round of baby boom, the fourth “baby boom” peak has become pronounced. According to Academy of Social Sciences survey, with the last century, the late 70s, early 80s crowd of baby boomers to gradually enter the marrying age, and “Desktop Wallpaper” and “Olympic baby” have been created to China each year about 27 million newborns.

Specific 4:2:1 in China’s family structure on children’s education spending accounts for one household spending strong 4. 7 are from before the age of early childhood education stage, the 120 million infants and young children for 6 years, demand for education, which goes without saying that market space. “Baby boom” caused maternal parenting education market surge in demand.

The other hand, the traditional channel for infants and parents, early childhood training, early education centers and kindergartens by teachers and staff. Funding constraints, it is difficult to meet the rapid growth of the rapid expansion of parental demand for education. Kindergarten-age children not only need to pay to enter the high sponsorship fees, queuing time for six months to a year is not news. Education market right seeking to become the choice of the public may not accept. The traditional education model line, imbalance and lack of supply of educational resources, parents must pay the high economic costs, resulting in significant infant and early childhood education needs urgent breakthrough.

Natural competitive advantages online education: IT Technology Application of educational resources to achieve the reproducibility, to address the constraints in the education sector investment in the “scale”, standardization, resulting in bottlenecks restricting the development of traditional education solved the problem. Through online education platform, parents pay the economic costs of low country and the world can enjoy the same high-quality children educational opportunities, educational resources, the supply is not fair is an empty promise.

The same time, in the past 7 years, China’s education and training market for online child education law also have a full can learn from experience. New Oriental Education Group language training with the successful listing of more than 2 consecutive fiscal year results for the rapid growth of its online education platform, New Oriental Education Online growth performance in recent years has become one of the pillars. The rapid expansion of market share for other purposes. Online education as the main force of more than business expansion, a new Oriental, EF, 100 Yi are the same. As the vanguard of online education and training, language training originated in line, and then rapidly developed into a hot online industries; the same time, the network Computer Education, the rapid growth of the industry the same size of the market. The success of adult online education market, let the people of the infant is full of infinite possibilities of online education expectations.

1.2 cause infant infants online education era. Although strong demand for online parental education, but the Chinese in this area can provide only a handful of products, lack of a comprehensive education to meet the needs of parents of 0-6 year-old product, which is the world’s largest child-care network roll Nets Chinese push into the market provided an opportunity.

Stepped into the growing wave of new blue ocean Nets

“Internet in China 2008 will” on-line educational products shake the Nets, “growth step” elected “2008 China Internet Award for most promising projects.” Noting that the public’s eye, a mother and child into the online parenting parenting website initiatives.

Shake Nets growth growth ladder is the first step to provide multi-media online parenting 0-3 year-old charged products.

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