How Big Are Your Dreams?

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

When all around us is quiet and we think no one is looking or listening, it’s amazing what dreams we uncover in our minds. These might be secret dreams that even those closest to us don’t know. These are dreams that are so sacred to us that we don’t want to expose them to the harsh realities of the world, lest they be tarnished. But when we limit our ability to dream, we are limiting our ability to succeed. You have the right and the duty to dream bigger than you think is possible. For how else will your prove yourself wrong?

The Big Dreams

Right now, take a few moments to remember your big dreams as a child. You probably wanted to be a firefighter or an astronaut. These dreams didn’t seem out of your reach because you hadn’t learned yet that the world doesn’t believe that everything is possible. You just knew that you wanted to be something that you could be it if you really, really wanted to. To paraphrase a famous book title-everything you really needed to know, you actually did know as a child.

Why Not Go Bigger?

What’s interesting is that we are a society that believes that bigger is better, but that is not always the case when it comes to dreams. We think that only when we have certain levels of education, certain degrees and certain experience, we can THEN be successful and THEN we can be happy. This is not the case. Think, for example, of Mother Teresa. She wanted to help those that were less fortunate, so she did. She didn’t have training and she didn’t have a lot of money- but she did have a big dream.

If Bill Gates didn’t believe that he could create a better computer program (though he didn’t have a college degree or any business experience), where would Microsoft be? Would it even exist?

There are thousands of stories of people who have successfully dreamed bigger than anyone thought possible- and then they made the impossible, well, possible.

You Need Bigger Dreams

For today, begin to believe that all of your ‘wildest’ dreams are quite possible. Not only will you have a smile on your face, but you will also begin to see new possibilities for making your dreams come true. When you don’t place limits on yourself, you will begin to notice new avenues to take which you may not have noticed in a more negative mindset.

Even if you’re not ready to share your big dreams with the world, you should begin to share them with yourself. You can have more and be more in your life, but you need to believe it is possible. Maybe you won’t have a multi-million dollar company, but you might begin and successfully run a successful local business – and that might make you just as happy.

You have permission to dream as big as you would like, as many times as you would like. Dreaming big allows you to broaden your landscape as well as your mind – as well as increase your chances of success many times over.

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