Google Adwords – Content Network Vs Search Network

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Many of you know what Google AdWords is. You probably know that you can set up 2 types of campaigns: Google Search Network (more common one) and the Google Content Network. But, which one is better? What are their strength? Their weakness? You will learn all about it in this article.

I do not want to let any of you left out, so for those you are starting, there will be a quick explanation on each kind of campaign.

Google Search Network

This is the campaign that most people set up. Your ads will be displayed on the google search network.

– It is an easy to setup campaign. You need to get your keywords, set your budget and then your campaign will start running once approved. (+)

– Having a well setup campaign, might give you more profit than a content network campaign. (+)

– Very high bid price for some keywords. There is many people using this type of campaigns. This means that there is moredemand and same supply. Price increases. (-)

– If you do not know what you doing, you can blow up a lot of money with this kind of campaign. (-)

To get good keywords, just use the “Google Keyword Tool”. It is free and easy to use.

Google Content Network

If you choose this type of campaign you will have your ads displayed on websites you choose. You can choose demographics or keywords to help you get a more targeted audience.

– Lower cost per placement ( lower cost per click). Since there are many websites where you can put your ad, this means

there is more supply which means that you pay less. (+)

– Higher number of people seeing your ad. Of course that, more people see your add if you put it in 100 websites or more, than they would on the a search engine. (+)

– Less targeted audience. A Google search network normally gets you more targeted people. (-)

If you are starting, unless you know what you are doing i do not advise you to use the Google search network. You can waste a lot of money.

Hope this could help you somehow. Until next time. Take care.

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