George Washington’s Celebration by David Barton

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

This Fri., February twenty-two, is George Washington’s birthday. ( Long celebrated as a separate national holiday, today his birthday is honored along with the other Presidents on what is now called President’s Day. )

probably no individual outside of Jesus Christ had a larger result on Yankee life and culture. As President Calvin Coolidge acknowledged nearly a century gone [*CO]’Washington was the directing spirit without which there would be no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic. We cannot yet guesstimate him. We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine prudence which kept him to serve and induce his fellow man.’

We have just placed one such sermon on the site and thought you may enjoy reading it ( click here ) as a way to remember his birthday. Enjoy!

incidentally, our new dramatized audio book The Bulletproof George Washington, read by famous Disney legend Dean Jones, is an inspiring story of God’s auspicious hand on our first president. ( Order online through the end of February and receive 20% off when you use code EMB108. )

You did – and it really made a difference! Calls from Members of Congress came pouring into baby-kisser Forbes’ office, and when Forbes’ staff asked,’How did you find out about the Resolution?,’ the answer was typically,’Are you kidding? We’ve had three hundred emails and received tons of calls about this!’ I wanted you to know how effective your work have been. Thanks for being involved!

About David Barton

David Barton holds a Bachelor of arts degree from Oral Roberts University and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Pensacola Christian college. He has been a recipient of countrywide and world awards including Who’s Who in Education and DAR’s highest award, the George Washington respect medal. His work in media and the tutorial medium have merited several Angel Awards, Telly Awards, and the Dove Foundation seal of quality. David and his wife Cheryl have three grown youngsters, Damaris, Timothy, and Stephen, and reside in Aledo, TX.

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