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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Want to ride a Breeders’ Cup Classic champion contender? Or do you want to virtually breed and train the next champion thoroughbred? Download free horse games and sign up for horse racing newsletters now! For The Latest Updates Subscribe To Free Horse Games Newsletters With a view to improve the safety of horses as well as ensure the welfare of the jockeys at Churchill Downs Incorporated’s race tracks, the CDI has announced its own set of ?Start to Finish’ safety measures for the fast approaching 2010 Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby as well as the 4,000 races that will be run throughout the year. The measures will include standardized third-party monitoring of tracks, besides comprehensive testing of all the winning horses for more than 100 banned drugs for every race. To get a detailed insight about the Churchill Down’s Start to Finish safety initiatives, you can log on to the official website of the Churchill Downs or even browse through any free horse games websites.

Churchill Down’s Safety from Start to Finish measures are designed to integrate new health and wellness initiatives with venerable safety policies and standards. These rules and regulations serve as the fundamental outline for all CDI facilities. Some of the key Safety from Start to Finish initiatives include banning of steroids and age limitations that require Thoroughbreds to be of minimum 24 calendar months age before they can qualify to race. To keep a track of the 2010 Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby coverage, subscribe to free horse games newsletters now.

Prohibition of milkshaking and transportation of horses from the CDI facilities for slaughter is also a part of the CDI’s Safety from Start to Finish. Milkshaking results in unnecessary levels of total carbon dioxide in Thoroughbred race horses. Presence of on-site medical staff and other medical facilities, million insurance coverage for jockeys and compulsory reporting of equine injuries to the Equine Injury Database System are some of the other features of the CDI’s safety initiatives. Check out the most recently written blogs featured in the free horse games gaming portals and stay updated with the latest buzz in the horse racing industry.

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