Finding a Job at University

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

One sure fire way to solve most of your money issues, or finance your extravagant lifestyle at university would be to get a part time job. Most companies are always looking for good hard working employees, especially if you?ve moved to a big university city; there will be a high turnover of jobs, especially over the summer due to students leaving.

I?ve put together a small list of suggestions and tips on finding a term-time job at university.


In most towns a and cities there is a job centre, maybe even two or three, here you will find very friendly staff who will assist you in finding the right job, but remember not to be too fussy, when your desperate for money beggars can?t be choosers. If you don?t want to talk to anyone, you can easily walk in and have a look on their interactive computer system where you can search the database for local jobs and print out your favourites. Or if you?re even lazier, you can go to their website on and search the database there. Another tip I can give you is don?t dally around and rest on your choices or they?ll be gone before you know it.


These are the type of places I was saying at the beginning who have a high turnover of employees as they offer a large amount of part-time work for students so be quick and on your application form apply for all jobs, whether it be shelf staking, tills or even trolley collecting, it all brings in an hourly wage so again don?t be fussy or you?ll get nothing!

Local Paper

A lot of companies advertise job vacancies in the local paper, so sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, go through the paper and not down any jobs that interest you or you think you could do. When you?ve finished this, straight away starting phoning you?re leads, or again they?ll be gone or you?ll forget about them.

University Careers? Officer/University Website

Most Universities or Colleges will assist their students in finding a job if they?d only ask! Pop round to your careers office or visit the website, which will have a lot of useful information or may even have a database of local part-time work especially for students.


Just have a look around, some companies especially retailers will put up posters on the window advertising if there is a job vacancy available, even ask around your friends who have jobs etc. There are many websites out there too such as who have thousands and thousands of job vacancies advertised.

Final Word

Once you?ve been successful in getting a job, remember it?s really important to have a balance between free time, work and university work. Too much hours can leave you with hardly any time to do your university or collage work or just to relax and get your brain in order. The recommended weekly hours for a student is 16 hours, so don?t go much over that if you?re in full time education, or failure could be on the horizon. Once you have an effective balance you will notice you will be receiving a steady monthly wage, this will be a huge weight off your mind and will be enjoy yourself more in your time at university.

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