Eight Top Online Institutions you Should Consider Attending

Written by admin on November 23rd, 2010

If you’ve been surfing for quite some time now, you should have come across one or two distance education online universities. I have come across several. Now you need to be informed that not all the online schools out there are genuine. You have to look before you leap. Also, I won’t advise you to enroll in an online institution that has not been in the business for a long time. Moreover, the certificate is one thing you must be particularly concerned with. Never get your certificate from a fraudulent online institution. It may hurt you later on in your career.

Though there are many fraudulent ones out there, there are still genuine distance education online universities. Let me help you with a few. However, I urge you to do further research on them before you make up your mind.

The Open University

The University of South Africa

The University of Phoenix

Walden University

DeVry University

Kaplan University

Everglades University

Ellis College

These are good schools and well known for their reputation of churching out quality graduates. Most employers of labour don’t have any problem recruiting graduates of these and similar institutions. The reason is because their certificate is genuine and not bogus like the many being churned out these days from the internet world.

Another thing you should look out for when searching for distance education online universities is accreditation. Now don’t be confused here as many people do. There is difference between school accreditation and course accreditation. Hence, you must make sure that the school you want to attend has both. In other words, the school must be accredited and the course you want to attend must also be accredited. The above lists of schools are all accredited. This means that getting certificates from any of them will pose no problem for you. Many employers all over the world accept certificates of these schools.

Now, must you attend any distance education online universities that tell you they are accredited? No, I don’t advise you to. You must conduct a background check on the school to ensure that they’re truly accredited. The internet offers you this simple option. You don’t have to go to the school to conduct the search, do it online and you’ll be amazed at the result. There are many sites that offer you these services for free even though what you get from them may be limited. However, if you have the fund, you may find any paid institutions that conduct background search to help you out.

Are distance education online universities expensive? Some are rather on the high side while there are several others that offer low fees depending on the type of degree you want. You should expect to pay more for master’s and PhD degree than bachelor’s degree and diploma. Also, the course you want to enroll for plays a prominent factor in the fess to be paid. Most of the time, the sciences are often quite expensive than the non-science based courses.

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