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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

A distance learning business degree program is for those who have decided to make business administration, marketing, finance or any of the related areas their career path. If you have decided to acquire skills in this profession, the numbers of levels you can work through are only limited by the available degree options. Business degrees can be Associate degrees, Bachelor degrees, Masters or Doctoral degrees in a variety of business related topics and specializations. An MBA degree will start you off on a higher salary, put you on a fast track to management, will spell a change of career or allow you to start a business on a sounder footing.

Course Content

The course-work in a distance learning business degree program is focused on imparting knowledge and skills in business critical thinking and communication in the local and global market environment. Technology is used to hone up the students skills in Business Management and Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Accounting; Economics, Organizational Behavior, Statistics, Operations and Human Resource Management. MBA students require basic skills in quantitative methods even though many of the courses are moving away from purely analytical approaches to ‘soft’ areas of communication and interpersonal skills. Some computer skills are also desirable. Team activity is encouraged. While the Associate degree prepares you for deeper understanding of Business Administration and related areas, it also gives you a broad idea of the subject. Specializations can be taken up at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, so that the course is more career-specific. The extensive and varied curriculum is directed towards developing problem solving skills in business.


The list of Universities offering a distance learning business degree program is very large. The Capella University, the Walden University, the University of Phoenix, the Concord Law school, the Kennedy-Western University, the Boston University are some of the Universities that offer Business Administration courses at the Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels. The North Central University, the Grantham University and scores of other Universities in the USA offer degree programs in related fields of Business study.

It is important that you establish that business school is right for you. It can open a world of opportunities but it also means a lot of hard work. It is a serious commitment. If you are still convinced that Business is your forte, you have a wide variety of Universities to choose from. Select the distance learning Business degree program that best appeals to you!

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