Create Personal Business Cards Online in 5 Easy Steps

Written by admin on November 24th, 2010

You can be less than an hour away from having your next batch of business cards printed.  And the best part is that you don???t have to spend a cent on the design and proof.  All you have to do is to order your personal business cards online. 

Anybody can do it

Some online printing companies offer plenty of ways to make this business card printing easy.  Their online services have such user-friendly and complete functions and features that you can have your business cards by mere copying, pasting, typing and clicking.  You can forego asking the assistance of professionals like graphic designers and layout artists, should you choose to use the online tools of printing companies.  This automatically saves you plenty of time and plenty of money.

It all starts with choosing the right online printer for this job.  Make sure that the printing company you pick offers free design and pre-press services so you can cut down on your expenses. 

Done in a jiffy

Once you???re in the website, navigate and look for their design tool.  Click on this and you can start creating your personal business cards online.

1.    Pick a design for your business cards

Design tools normally come with pre-made templates that you can use for free.  The best part is that they actually come up with collections so you have plenty to choose from.  Categorized templates would be much helpful when it comes to browsing so you can immediately proceed to the industry you want like medicine or education.

2.    Insert your logo and  contact details

Once you pick your design, you can start adding your name, position, contact details and address.  Logo is a big factor in business cards so if you have one, upload the file containing the logo image and position it on your business card design.  Or if you want to use an image aside from this you may do so using the same process. 

3.    View the design

Some design tools can automatically generate live images of your resulting design.  This is an important step since this lets you see if the elements in your business card like graphics and texts are inside the safe zone, a mark that determines which elements are at risk of being cut off after printing. 

If you are confident with the design and layout, you can approve it.  If not, you may request for a soft copy proof of your design which will be done by the resident pre-press specialist of the printing company.

4.    Name the specs

From here, you can dictate the basic specs like size, orientation, quantity and turnaround time.  Turnaround time means the period that includes printing, cutting and packaging.  Once the turnaround time is over, your order gets shipped or is ready for pickup. 

5.    Check out

If you requested for an electronic proof, make sure that you approve it once you are satisfied with it. Also, finalize the specs and pay your bill.  Once your printer gets the go signal, printing commences. 

All it takes are a few minutes of your time.  A portion of your lunch break may be all that you need to design and order your personal business cards online.

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