Choosing College Rings Is Personal

Written by admin on November 25th, 2010

Many people work hard trying to obtain their college education and upon graduating, many individuals choose to treat themselves and purchase their own college class ring. These college rings represent the entire student’s efforts, the long nights studying, the research, the writing that they had to do to achieve their diploma. These rings will typically have your college, the degree and the year that person graduated. You can choose from the variety of styles that the company will have to offer.

The rings typically are made with alloy, inexpensive metals mixed together, but the rings can be made from gold, silver and platinum, among others and the person can choose from the company’s selections. Along with choosing the type of metal, most come with an option of the type of finish. The jeweler will help you through the details in picking a ring.

Once that choice is made, a person can select a style they want from the selection that store offers. Styles can include contemporary, signet for example. You will see the different shapes of the stone that is available. You will choose if the stone is a circle, a marquee, etc.

The next few of steps include choosing the gemstone you prefer. Some choose to take their birthstone, and others choose a favorite of their, whatever the case is, the choice it up to them. If price is an issue, many companies will have less expensive gems. Someone can purchase cubic zirconia instead of a diamond for example.

Along with the color gemstone and depending on the jeweler, a person can choose a stone effect. Depending on the choice, some will give the stone the illusion of a rainbow or rays underneath it. You have the option to put a letter or symbol on top of the stone or underneath it also.

After selecting the stone, these rings have the options to engrave something on the outside and inside if they wanted. For instance, if they played sports, someone may put their team number on the ring. If the college graduate was on the honor roll, or in a sorority, they may choose to engrave something related to that. The inside can have the graduate’s full name, initials or even a nickname can be engraved to make it special for that person.

If a student attended college online, they too can purchase college rings. The jeweler will usually have special rings for situations like this. Whatever your special situation is, the jeweler can help you get the ring you want. With the evolution of computer and college, so too is the evolution of college rings.

There will always memories associated to the ring and stories will be shared with family and friends to keep those memories alive. College rings are a reminder of what we accomplished during school and it can be something passed down to generations showing off the achievements. In fifty years, the ring will mean something special and passing your valuable personal property is something to be proud of.

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