China projector in the education market to develop?

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Media teaching equipment manufacturing enterprises in China is accompanied by the development of national economy and Education The development of the developed. Multimedia teaching equipment products from simple, rugged, low-quality, low price, low to meet the teaching requirements, the progressive development of fine, high quality, high performance, as well as access to foreign education. At present, the addition of multimedia classrooms equipment Projector Localization of foreign Basically, this marked the educational facilities market, not only in the application and purchasing capabilities to a new level, but also in equipment at home also has been greatly improved.

Since entering in 2008, China projector market in the industry and the general public areas of the two segments show different characteristics. Among them, the industry market, especially in the education market extremely calm. This general public markets of the “surging” in stark contrast. Analysis, in 2008 education projector market will enter a short consolidation period, and for the future development of the education market to the appropriate power.

1, the domestic education market projectors track

Education projector market is the most important product segment. Whether products Sell Quantity and sales amount of the education market are the projection of the most important market segments. Projector is known as the domestic industries may have to the world of educators say, entails the Who at the education market Nance, who will become the market leader in the projector people. This illustrates the education market for the importance of the projector industry.

Statistics data show that, in our projector products to the wider application of the process, the education market has been the most important markets. In 2002, the education projector sales accounted for more than 65% throughout the projection market share. Although the proportion of the education market after a downward trend in the business market to accelerate the rise, but until 2006, still be able to occupy the entire field of education, the projector industry, 50% share of sales volume. In 2007, this proportion dropped to the projector market, the first half of the overall size of the following.

Education sector accounted for 42% of the projector market

Projector market in the education process, the government has been very clear dominant feature. China’s decision to implement the compulsory education system, public education in the government procurement market, the dominant position. After years of institution-building, local government has established a comprehensive procurement system. Meanwhile, the domestic education sector development financing also comes from the state finance, especially the central and provincial financial support.

Into the 21st century, the state has implemented the “211 Project”, a national higher education enrollment, the undergraduate colleges of education evaluation, school Connection project, Modern Distance Education Project (also known as billions of Engineering), Vocational Education development plans adopted measures, the national education policy. This not only reflects the state and the party concerned with education, adhere to the basic national policy of science and education, it is to the projector industry, particularly the development of education in the projector industry, providing a good opportunity. Among them, the undergraduate colleges of education assessment and 10 billion project is to vigorously promote the projector, teaching basic equipment procurement.

Billion project to the famous example. The project stands for Modern Distance Education Project began in 2003, the 2005 national roll out, basically the end of 2007, during the construction funds into education information to reach 12 billion yuan over?? This is the “10 billion project” Alias origin.

Investment in the project mainly by the government. In 2005 the Ministry of Education, “on the implementation of the” Agrarian Modern Distance Education Project pilot program> notice “clearly calls for” pilot program parts can not leave funding gap, the amount of special subsidies central government can not break through. Provincial government according to the pilot Construction work tasks and amount of special funds for central government, local governments need to seriously take account the amount of money and commitment, to establish and effectively implement the pilot special fund. “strict national security system is 10 billion fund the successful building.

The project are the main uses of funds for procurement of information equipment. In 2003, capital expenditures, for example, in 2003 capital expenditure of billions of project arrangements 1.915428 billion yuan, of which central investment 1,000,000,000 yuan; central input 980 million yuan for construction of three models, the other 20 million yuan for the education and teaching resource development. Thus, 10 billion project “funding” is mainly used for one-time infrastructure and equipment.

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