Apa Accredited Online Programs – On Finding An Apa Approved Online School

Written by admin on November 24th, 2010

More and more, internet based educations in healthcare are earning the respect of employers and academics. Now it is even possible to find online programs that can lead to a Ph.D. accredited by the American Psychology Association, or APA.

The APA, like other respected accreditation institutions, carefully serves the public by evaluating and reviewing academic programs. They then provide a comprehensive list of these programs, and periodically reevaluate and update their findings.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Best Online Degrees Programs” website — http://www.BestOnlineDegreeProgramsUSA.com — pointed out;

“?Unfortunately, there are very few online doctoral programs in psychology at this time, and since the APA’s guidelines are so stringent, none are accredited. However, while the APA does not currently accredit any online doctoral program in psychology, there are many distance learning schools that may lead to entry into an APA accredited program or to a non-accredited Ph.D?”

Some of the programs currently offered are from:

? Kaplan University
? Master of Science in Psychology
? This is a new program offered by Kaplan University, and promises a convenient yet enriching curriculum online. They offer three specializations; general, addictions, and applied behavioral analysis psychology. With a Master’s of Science in Psychology, students can expect to be in high demand by employers and APA accredited universities. This particular program requires about 65 credit hours at 8 per credit. The total cost of tuition for this academic program comes to about ,080.

? Walden University
? Ph.D. in Psychology
? One of the very few doctoral programs in psychology offered by distance learning, this program promises to be both challenging and rewarding for students. Expect high demand on your time, as well as amazing opportunities to open up once you’ve earned your Ph.D. in Psychology. You’ll be able to choose a specialization between clinical, counseling, general, health, or organizational psychology depending on your goals and interests. The program requires about 150 credit hours at 5 per credit hour. Total education expenses total around ,000.

“?The University of Phoenix?
? Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
? This doctoral program allows those who’ve graduated from a four year institution to gain insight into issues of psychology in organizations and human resources. This program is sure to prepare students to be valuable assets to employers, and certainly capable to enter a psychology program at an APA accredited school. The program requires around 150 credits at 5 a credit. Total expenses come to about 2,000?” added H. Milla.

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