Keep Safe When Partying

Written by admin on February 26th, 2010

Drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to make life saving decisions. Such as identifying danger signs and finding ways to escape. Be responsible of how much you consume and follow these party tips.

1. Always get your own drink and watch it being poured.

2. Don?t leave your drink unattended.

3. Do not drink or taste anyone else?s drink.

4. Do not accept drinks from anyone else.

5. Dispose of your drink if you think it tastes odd. But don?t just set it down and leave it. Someone else might drink it.

6. Drugs used to spike drinks can be odorless, colorless, and tasteless. You might not know if something has been added.

7. Watch out for your friends. Are they drinking or taking too much? Is their behavior out of character for what they?ve had? Are they drinking or using too much? Are they making safe decisions?

8. If your friend needs to sober up, check to see if they are OK. Are they alone? Who is with them? Are they safe?

9. NEVER let yourself or your friends get into a vehicle to drive or ride with a driver who has been drinking. Even if they ?look? fine. If you are going home with someone different, let your friends know and have them meet that person.

10. If someone is giving you a ride home, do you know them? Do you trust them? Are they sober? Are you sure they won?t make you do something you don?t want to do? Will they take ?NO? for an answer?

Drugs and alcohol are ever present at parties and night clubs. Enjoy yourself. But, be responsible to yourself and your friends. Make a pact. Take turns watching out for each other. You?ll never forgive yourself if something happens…and it could have been prevented!

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